Minneapolis Concrete Patios

20×20 Stamped & colored patio special $5000.00

The Minnesota weather is perfect for outdoor living, which is why patios are very popular throughout the Twin Cities. Although it is very cold throughout the winter, the summers are perfect for relaxing in the evenings or any time of day. It is simply nice to have an outdoor space that lets you enjoy nature and at Plan Concrete & Asphalt, LLC, we can design a concrete patio for you that complements your home and lets you relax when you need to.

All you have to do is give our Minneapolis & St. Paul concrete paving contractors a call and tell us what you are looking for in a patio. We can present different plans to you, giving you complete control over how your patio looks and feels.

Building The Concrete Patio Of Your Dreams

There are many benefits to choosing a concrete patio. First, concrete is durable and it is a renewable resource. Because of its abundance, it is also quite affordable. Concrete is also known to last many years and it can withstand Minnesota’s weather better than many other materials. Factor in the value that a concrete patio can add to your home and the relaxation it will provide and you have a winning solution to how you can better enjoy the outdoors at home.

You can utilize your patio as a place to relax, a place to gather with friends during celebrations, or as a place outside that you can use to spend more time with your family. You can use it for whatever you wish and you can also choose to decorate it in a way that suits you. Perhaps you just need the perfect place to sunbathe in the summer or you want the perfect spot to barbeque. Maybe you want a place where you can play games outdoors. Just tell us what you want and need and we will make it happen for you.

Expert Concrete Patio Design

The first part of the design process is listening to what you want as far as style and utilization goes. From there, we are able to present you with options that meet your creative design needs and budget so that you can have the design that you want at a cost you can afford. Of those concrete patio options, you can choose from different colors and textures. Through coloring and texturing, our St. Paul & Minneapolis concrete paving company is able to give your patio personality and a design that adds to the architecture of the home. So not only do you end up with a place to relax, but you also have a space that adds to the appeal of the home.

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Patios present a great place to relax in the back yard. They add value to the home, as well as aesthetic appeal. If you are thinking about having a patio installed, Plan Concrete & Asphalt, LLC can discuss the different materials and design options that are available to you so that you can have the patio that will give you everything that you want and need. To learn more about our patio options, call us at 952-994-6032 and request your free estimate.

Minneapolis Concrete Sidewalks

When visiting someone’s home, a place of business, or just walking around town, you will find that there are sidewalks everywhere. You see one, you know that is where you are to walk. You don’t have to walk across the lawn, through a mud puddle, or on an uneven surface that poses a terrible trip hazard. Instead, you have a place that tells you where to go safely.

If your sidewalk is in disrepair or you don’t have one, then it may be time to explore your options. You do not have to settle with the traditional gray concrete sidewalk because there are different materials, colors, and textures that are available. Through the different options that our concrete paving company can install, you can have a sidewalk that complements the architecture of the structure and becomes an attractive fixture on the property.

Replace Your Existing Concrete Sidewalk

If you already have a sidewalk and it’s not being itself, then you can have it replaced so that it is more attractive and safer. There are two common reasons why you may need to replace your sidewalk:

  • Settling – Settling occurs naturally over time and is typical with concrete slab sections that are not properly reinforced. This causes them to separate and/or become uneven. This can make the path to the front door more dangerous than it should be and make snow removal in the winter difficult. In order to prevent these difficulties, a new sidewalk should be installed or at least the affected slabs replaced. The sub-grade can be elevated and compacted so that the new concrete is properly reinforced.
  • Salt damage – Minnesota is notorious for its salt usage because of the harsh winters. De-icing salts may be applied often because of the fact that sidewalks need to be clear of snow and ice. However, these salts or de-icing chemicals are not safe for sidewalks, although that’s what they are for. Salt should never be used on new concrete. Sand, on the other hand, can be used to increase the amount of traction. If you decide that you want to use de-icing salts, the concrete will need to be sealed every fall so that the salt and water can be kept out of the pores of the surface. If the sidewalk starts showing damage, it will be time for the issue to be rectified.

Experienced Sidewalk Installation

Whether the sidewalk is being installed for the first time or you are having an existing one replaced, you receive the best quality service from Plan Concrete & Asphalt, LLC. We want to ensure that you have the best possible sidewalk at the best possible price without any of the hassles or high costs.

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A sidewalk is a necessary part of any type of property, so that is why it is important to ensure that the property has the necessary walkway. They keep people from having to walk through grass, dirt, and mud, providing them with a level surface that is safe. They are also aesthetically appealing and can be made in different colors, textures, and materials. If you would like to hear your sidewalk options, call Plan Concrete & Asphalt, LLC at 952-994-6032 to request a free consultation.