At Plan Concrete & Asphalt, we install concrete and asphalt, repair it, seal it, and we protect it in a number of ways. One of the ways in which we protect your concrete and asphalt is through snow removal. This is a necessary practice because of the pressure that snow can place on a concrete or asphalt surface. By removing it, that pressure is relieved so that the parking lot or other concrete surface will last for as long as possible.

If you are interested in utilizing professional snowplowing, snow removal, and snow hauling, our Minneapolis & St. Paul snow removal contractors can do the job for you. This saves time for you and saves money in the way of the repairs and maintenance that can be avoided by getting rid of heavy snow immediately. Snow removal also ensures a safer surface so that slip and fall accidents and automobile accidents can be reduced.


Our snow removal and snow plowing services are done quickly and effectively. The following are what we offer:

  • Seasonal flat rates
  • Snow blowing, snow plowing, and snow removal
  • Hand shoveling
  • Salt sanding
  • Residential and commercial snow plowing
  • Customized service 24/7 – we are there when you need us

We serve residential and commercial properties, retail establishments, industrial lots, residential housing parking lots, and more so that all surfaces can be safer and protected from the harmful effects of snow.


If you try to remove the snow on your own, the work can be backbreaking. Even if you have a plow attached to an ATV or a backhoe, there is still a lot of work to be done and you may not be able to haul the snow away from the area. By hauling the snow away, we avoid those unsightly mountains of snow in the middle of the parking lot or around the ages. While the snow is out of the way, those large mounds of snow do need to melt and that means a lot of water runoff. Even excess runoff that is not necessary can cause damage to the concrete, which is why avoiding it completely is the best route to take. Fortunately, our St. Paul & Minneapolis snow removal contractors can help you do just that.

As for the snow plowing services that we offer, we offer everything from one-off jobs to weekly services so that you can keep your surface safe. We want to make sure that your property is safe and accessible throughout winter, regardless of what Mother Nature has to throw at the area.


Snow removal is something that is highly important because it removes pressure from concrete surfaces that can cause a great deal of damage. While snow may not seem like it is heavy, it actually is. At Plan Concrete & Asphalt, LLC, we will remove the snow safely and quickly so that the surface is protected and so anyone coming in contact with that surface is safer. To learn more, call us at 952-994-6032 to schedule a free estimate.