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Tuck pointing or “tuckpointing” is the process of repairing a mortar joint in a brick wall. The term is derived from the fact that mortar is tucked into the damaged mortar joint and a “pointing trowel” is used to complete the work. This task is very critical in maintaining brick walls and keeping water out of the brick wall cavity. If water is able to get through the mortar into the wall, the brick may fail. When brick fails, cracking and the popping off of the brick face may occur.

If you need to have tuck pointing done to repair brick walls, Plan Concrete & Asphalt, LLC can help you. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul concrete contractor will assess the issue and determine the extent of the work.

Using The Latest Tuck Pointing Methods

There are different tuck pointing methods. They include:

  • Point – This is where plastic mortar is placed into the joints to correct defects or fill the joints in masonry that has been newly laid.
  • Repoint – The mortar is placed into raked or cut joints to correct defective joints.
  • Tuckpoint – The mortar is pointed with a flush mortar joint, which can approximate the masonry’s color and mortar that is of a different color. It is then shaped into a thin strip. This could lead to repointing.

Many times, which term and method is used depends on where individuals are in the country. Nonetheless, you can always count on us using the best method to ensure that your masonry is in the best possible condition. The goal of tuck pointing is to ensure that the masonry lasts as long as possible so that it doesn’t have to be replaced prematurely.

Doing The Job Right

Tuck pointing does involve more than just tucking mortar into a space. There are different elements that have to be considered, such as the shrinkage and contractions of the pointing mortar. In Minnesota, thermal expansions are of concern because of how drastically the temperature change is throughout the year.

The compressive strengths of the repointing and original mortar must also be done by matching the proportions of the mortar material. If they are not matched, then differential expansion and contraction rates could cause the mortar to pop out and that can damage the brick. The damaged brick can then allow for water infiltration. Our experienced St. Paul & Minneapolis concrete contractor will evaluate the existing mortar and ensure that the right repointing mortar is used so that you do not have to worry about popping mortar that will allow for leakage.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Concrete Contractor

If you have mortar joints that need repaired, Plan Concrete & Asphalt, LLC can help you. Tuck pointing is a practice used to repair mortar joints and it is a highly effective method to ensure the brick work remains in place much longer. To have your mortar joints repaired in an effective and efficient manner, call Plan Concrete & Asphalt at 952-994-6032 to request a free estimate.