The driveway is a very important part of the home. People see it from the street, you have to look at it every single day, and anyone who visits you has to drive up onto it and walk on it. Basically, it is a large part of that first impression that people have about your home and you. That means your driveway is a great way to make a statement and, if it is not exactly your cup of tea right now, you can make your driveway look fantastic again.

To make the driveway look fantastic again, we at Plan Concrete & Asphalt assess the situation, listen to what you want, and give you a driveway that is going to make your home look great and also be an accurate representation of you. Our Minneapolis driveway paving company only uses the best materials and does quality work so that your driveway will last for many years to come.


While the driveway is an important part of a home, it is also an important part of commercial properties. Businesses can have driveways leading to parking lots, there are also town house lots, and there are driveways along industrial developments. They need to be in good condition to avoid vehicle damage and, because people will walk along driveways, there shouldn’t be any raised slabs or holes that can cause accidents. An accident or property damage resulting from a driveway in disrepair can lead to a liability issue for the property owner. Having us ensure that your driveway is in great shape at all times is a cost-effective way to avoid such accidents.


There are a number of common driveway problems. Perhaps your driveway is sunken, which is a common problem seen throughout Minnesota because the driveway may not be able to withstand the pressure that it is under. Cracked driveways are also a common issue because of the drastic temperature changes that can occur.

We have a multi-step process for each type of common driveway problem. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul driveway paving contractor will utilize the process when necessary. For a sunken driveway, this can include removing the concrete, inspecting the cause of the problem, re-basing the surface, and then installing the concrete. After the job is complete, we make sure we clean up so that no hazards are left behind.

What you have is a concrete driveway that will last quite a while. In fact, a concrete driveway can last two or three times longer than one paved with asphalt. They can withstand more pressure and the unpredictable weather that Minnesota throws its way.


Having a quality concrete driveway is important, as it adds value to the property, adds aesthetic appeal, and it is also a safety measure for people and vehicles. If your driveway is not looking like itself, is not level, is cracked, or it is severely stained, you can have your driveway back. To learn about what Plan Concrete & Asphalt, LLC can do for you, call 952-994-6032 to request your free estimate.