A concrete apron is an extension of a concrete slab in front of a garage door, around a building perimeter, or practically anywhere where concrete transitions to a concrete slab of a different grade. In addition to a smooth transition, aprons also serve as an ideal way to fix a sunken driveway and they help drain water away from the base of a building. This is a concrete component that is multi-functional and it is also aesthetically pleasing, giving a driveway and the structure itself a bit of personality.

If your driveway is sinking, you need to drain water away from your building, or you need smoother grade transitions on the property, our experienced Minneapolis & St. Paul concrete paving contractors will be able to take care of it for you as soon as possible.


A sunken driveway can be an inconvenience, as well as a danger to people and vehicles. Pressure from snow, ice, rain, and even exposure to the sun can have a negative impact on the driveway. Factor in the everyday wear and tear and you realize it goes through a lot. A concrete apron filters out the water. Where water would normally pool up, the concrete apron prevents this, thus relieving the driveway of damaging pressure.

In order to enjoy this feature, the concrete apron needs to be installed as a component of the driveway. We work with new homes and existing ones, as well as commercial properties to install aprons or a completely new driveway system that offers property owners protection against sinking concrete.


There are both concrete and asphalt aprons. You can choose which you would like to have. Our St. Paul & Minneapolis concrete paving professionals will also make recommendations. For instance, asphalt can be ideal if the foundation blocks of a garage are damaged. The team will install a compacted base that will help with this. Concrete, on the other hand, does have more durability and is a more environmentally friendly alternative, as it is derived from renewable resources. We will review the pros and cons of your options so you can make an informed decision.

When reviewing these pros and cons, we will also review cost and can answer the questions that you may have about the scheduling, the time, and the process as a whole. If you want something more decorative, we can review those material options and their costs with you as well.


Concrete aprons are a necessary component of concrete walkways and driveways because they make the transition between grades of concrete and slab much easier and safer. Trip hazards are eliminated and so is vehicle damage. If you need concrete aprons in front of your garage door, around the perimeter of your home or building, or at the start or end of a walkway, Plan Concrete & Asphalt, LLC can help you. To learn more, call us at 952-994-6032 to request a free estimate.