Asphalt can develop a number of issues over time with pot holes being one of those issues. Pot holes are, perhaps, the most common concern when it comes to paving with asphalt. It doesn’t matter if the material is used to pave a residential driveway or a parking lot, a pot hole can be a major problem that requires professional intervention.

At Plan Concrete and Asphalt, LLC, we can pave with asphalt and we can restore it so that it is once again attractive. When our Minneapolis & St. Paul asphalt repair contractors repair the asphalt, you are doing yourself and anyone who needs to walk or drive over it quite the favor.


There are many benefits to patching pot holes and other defects in asphalt. The first is the vehicle damage that can be avoided. Chances are that everyone who encounters those pot holes are tired of driving over or around them. If the asphalt is a commercial parking lot, then customers are going to be less than impressed if pot holes are allowed to persist. By having surface patching performed so that pot holes and other surface issues are eliminated, damage to cars can be prevented and a smooth and safe ride can be promoted. The business will have a more professional look and those with asphalt driveways will add to the aesthetic appeal of their property.

If a pot hole is allowed to persist, it can lead to a number of problems. For instance, water can build up inside the hole when it is raining, causing the sub-base to be penetrated. This causes deterioration of the asphalt, especially if that water freezes and then thaws when the weather is cold. By having the pot hole prepared, the surface is given an entire layer of protection from the Minnesota climate.


One of our goals when repairing your asphalt is to do so quickly so that the disruption time is minimized. You can count on there being licensed professionals on every job that we do and that everything will be cleaned up when we are finished so that there are no dangers in the way. Our Minneapolis and St. Paul asphalt patching company takes pride in the work that we do and we will continue to work hard to satisfy our customers.


Asphalt that is in disrepair is asphalt that doesn’t look great and it isn’t as functional as it could be. If your asphalt is chipped, contains pot holes, or it is cracked, it is time to get it replaced so that it looks great again and is safe. To learn more about how Plan Concrete & Asphalt, LLC can make your asphalt highly functional again, call us at 952-994-6032 to schedule your free estimate.