How Thick Does A Concrete Driveway Need To Be?

driveways5_2013A concrete driveway can be a much more cost efficient plan of action than an asphalt driveway. Asphalt may seem less costly initially, that is, until you add in the yearly sealing costs and patchwork that will be needed. Your driveway is one of the first items that people notice when driving by your home. You want it made correctly.

The main priority in having a properly built driveway is the concrete thickness. You will want to consider the type of vehicles you will be parking upon that drive before you decide the thickness. If you will be parking normal cars, you can go with a four inch concrete thickness. If you have plans to park a heavy truck, camper, or a boat on your driveway, it is recommended to pour a five inch thick driveway.

A Good Concrete Company Will Be Prepared!

When the concrete company comes to prep the area your driveway will be located, they will check the soil consistency. Soft soils may need clay or small gravel added to give a firmness to the soil. After adding a fill, the company will tamp the area, which will compact the soil. By doing this, there will be less chances of the ground sinking causing cracks in your driveway.

What about Concrete Driveway Length?

We just gave you the thickness that you will want, but you may be wondering how wide you should make your driveway? Single driveways are eight feet wide. Many people add several feet to that and go with a ten or even twelve foot wide driveway. This will depend on the space you have to work with. To have a double wide driveway, sixteen foot is optimal.

Other Factors That Go Into Pouring  A Quality Concrete Driveway.

After forming the driveway, the company will make sure that the whole driveway is the correct thickness. If need be, we will add or take away fill and compact again if necessary. If you are in a cold weather location, it is highly recommended to have a layer of gravel at the bottom to create a freeze barrier to eliminate cracking.

A layer of reinforcement metal will be placed as a mat where the concrete will be poured. The metal holds the concrete together guaranteeing you a long life in your new concrete driveway. This metal may be number four rebar or six by six welded wire.

We will discuss with you your choices of finish. We want your driveway to be special to you and when we leave your location after cleaning up, we know that you will be happy you made the choice of a concrete driveway.

Have Questions?

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